"I'M going to a special place when I die.  But, I want to be sure my life is special while I am here." - Payne Stewart

Cecil and Patty Kemp are in the business of helping individuals and organizations achieve their dreams of being truly special and making a genuine difference.  They are accomplished life, business and spiritual coaches and mentors with an approach to their mission that is a complete 180 from a one-size-fits-all self-help or religious system. Their refreshing perspectives on faith, life, business, leadership, and how those can (and should) work in harmony, have improved the lives and futures of thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.   

Following and sharing the teachings and example of Jesus, history's greatest person and leader, Cecil and Patty serve as incredibly effective, genuinely difference-making models and guides along the path to a truly special, satisfying, rewarding, and significant future. 

Coaching, Mentoring and Speaking

The Kemps will customize a program for your specific needs, whether you're looking for:

A keynote speaker; or

A coach and mentor for you personally or the owners, leaders and managers of your organization.  

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 Their fascinating story centers around a deep love for Jesus, each other and their family.  Their career experiences span four decades and include a broad diversity of roles: Highly successful business executives, entrepreneurs, owners and leaders, award winning authors and sought after coaches, mentors, speakers and teachers.

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Cecil and Patty share a thinking person’s message that speaks right to questions and provides answers that stand the test of times…now and eternally. I unreservedly recommend them to you.
— Dave Ramsey, America’s Trusted Voice on Money