Our Mission

Cecil and Patty Kemp help individuals and organizations be genuine difference-makers.  They support, inspire, motivate, develop and empower people and organizations who are searching for a genuinely better way to live, lead and do business.  Their approach is holistic and is based on application of the Servant Model of Living, Leading and Doing Business.  To fulfill their mission, the Kemps employ a full menu of personal, professional and organizational resources that include books, coaching, mentoring and speaking.  Click here to review client TESTIMONIALS.

It was exceptional having you facilitate our journey through “7 Laws of True Prosperity.” The book was a joy to read, our team was deeply impacted by it and your coaching and mentoring, and we were all grateful for the experience. I’d also like to thank you for sending a copy of “The Messenger;” it is a life-changing book.
— Matt Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN



Cecil and Patty are award-winning authors. Their books reflect extensive personal and professional experiences and cover a broad spectrum of topics. Some of the books are story-based parables and allegories, while others are how-to instructional writings.  The Kemps' books are used by businesses, churches, and individuals as personal, leadership and professional development and growth tools...and as the curriculum basis for elective courses in colleges, universities and high schools across the country.  

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Coaches, Mentors and Speakers

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.
— John Wooden, Legendary College Basketball Coach

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Cecil and Patty coach, mentor, consult, speak and teach one-on-one and to groups in youth, college, church and business forums.  Topics covered include: 

Life balance; 

Leadership development; 

Spiritual well-being; 

Emotional intelligence;

Relationship nurturing and healing;

Parenting guidance; and

Financial management.

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"During my search for a business mentor, one of Cecil's longtime clients highly recommended him to me.  Now I know why!  As we have worked together, Cecil has also become my trusted life coach.  His style is down-to-earth, warm and engaging.  His life and business skill set and knowledge are broad and deep.  Cecil's personal and marketplace counsel is profound, practical and highly effective in real world living, leading and working.  No theories.  His gentle guidance is based on decades of experience.  Cecil's humble approach to life and business is truly unique, emphasizing intimate relationship with, dependence on and partnership with God.  

As I have applied his approach and advice, I have become a more confident, calm and effective servant leader and deeply engaged nurturer of those entrusted to my care...including my staff and clients.  I am able to see them and myself through God's eyes.  Consequently, I am truly living a richer life marked by a full awareness of my true identity in God and exceedingly grateful for God's presence, love, grace, protection and abundant provision. "  

Trudy Palo, Retail Business Owner, Portland, Oregon


The DifferenceMaker Foundation

Through their DifferenceMaker Foundation, Patty and Cecil provide prayer support and financial and written resources to assist organizations and ministries that share their values.  Via the foundation's DifferenceMaker Leadership Institute (DMLI) and the DifferenceMaker Club (DMC), the Kemps operate leadership and life training centers around the world that share with adults, youth and college students how to live a special life of significance and become truly great leaders.  We currently have DMLIs and DMCs in the USA, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia and Pakistan.  

To apply for resource support or obtain more information on establishing a DMLI and/or DMC, please complete our CONTACT FORM.