What You Change Makes All the Difference.

Cecil Kemp is an accomplished life, spiritual, and business coach with an approach that's a complete 180 from a one-size-fits-all self help system. His refreshing perspectives on faith, life, business, leadership, and how they can (and should) work in balance and harmony have changed the lives and futures of thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.   

Following the teachings and example of the greatest leader the world has ever known, Cecil serves as a humble and incredibly effective guide for you or your organization on the spirit-filled path to a more satisfying, rewarding, and significant future. 

Coaching & Speaking

If you're looking for individual life skill development, group coaching for your business, or a dynamic speaker for your meeting or event, Cecil will custom-tailor a program to your specific needs.

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 Their fascinating story centers around a deep love for Christ, and includes such diverse roles as executive, entrepreneur, acclaimed author, coach, speaker, and loving spouse, parent, and grandparent.

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Cecil shares a thinking person’s message that speaks right to questions and provides answers that stand the test of times…now and eternally. I unreservedly recommend Cecil to you.
— Dave Ramsey, America’s Trusted Voice on Money