7 Laws of True Prosperity (The Secrets to Genuine Success!) - Paperback

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7 Laws of True Prosperity (The Secrets to Genuine Success!) - Paperback


An entertaining, instructive and inspiring parable that shares the life and financial journey of Sam the wood gatherer.  

In a charming, easy-to-digest story, intriguing mentors teach him the Seven Laws.  Each mentor offers a unique insight to seven powerful laws of life, leadership and money.  

Sam's successes, failures, and lessons afford readers many benefits...opportunities to learn how to improve their well-being on all levels and become a true Difference-Maker in every life dimension. 

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7 Laws of True Prosperity Reviewed

In this highly competitive, dog-eat-dog world, is it still possible to achieve financial prosperity while maintaining spiritual integrity? The answer found in Cecil O. Kemp's latest book, 7 Laws of (True) Prosperity, is a resounding yes! Mr. Kemp has interwoven a fable with simple truths to create a tapestry of insight that can enable the reader to understand the co-existence of both monetary and spiritual values. 7 Laws of (True) Prosperity is the story of Sam the Wood Gatherer who finds better ways of doing business, increasing his profits from the same labor, contributing to his community's well-being and becoming a guidepost on the road called inspiration. The 7 laws represented in this well-written and valuable lesson to transformation are amazingly obvious, yet many of us are simply too busy to recognize them. They start with the Law of Wisdom---'The highest wisdom resides in God's supreme thought and love.' All the other laws follow once we understand this truism. The Laws of Priority, Motive, Generosity, Understanding, Preparation and Preservation describe the successes that can occur for us, our families, our communities and our future generations. Author and seeker knows from first hand experience. The lessons he learned while being a successful CPA, Chief Financial Officer, entrepreneur and co-owner (with Patty, his wife of 30 years) of investment services companies, are applied to this fine book. Indeed, it seems Mr. Kemp could be a 21st century Sam the Wood Gatherer. 7 Laws of (True) Prosperity is about making a living but more importantly, its about making a life. In this reviewer's opinion, Cecil O. Kemp Jr. has given us a work of inspiration and a means to find true prosperity!  Richard Fuller, Editor, Michigan

I highly recommend 7 Laws of True Prosperity! Cecil writes this parable in a way that captures your attention as he weaves truth and wisdom into the storyline. It is an excellent book for a book club or small group, both in the professional world and for personal development. Our team enjoyed reading it and meeting each week to discuss. It can be a game changer in the corporate world!  Kathy Cook, Leader in A Nationwide Company

This book is a must read for every business Owner and Leader.  I enjoyed 7 Laws of True Prosperity so much that we had Cecil serve as a keynote speaker at our annual Association convention.  He was a huge hit. I bought 100 of this book and handed them out to attendees at the convention.  Leland Ulrich, Business Owner and Business Association Director, Ft. Worth, TX

It would seem that students in universities these days study everything under the sun except how to live their lives wisely. As a professor who has been teaching at a large state university for almost 25 years, I regularly assign Cecil Kemp's immensely readable and life-changing book, "7 Laws of True Prosperity," in my honors and economic history courses. This book is so engaging and endearing, yet so profound in impact that my students overwhelmingly like it, often telling me that it's one of the best books they've ever read. Many have been inspired to buy additional copies for their family and friends.  Craig Roell, Professor, Georgia Southern University

7 Laws of True Prosperity is an easy and enjoyable read that features proven principles for getting the most out of life.  I gave copies to my sons for high school graduation. They both loved the book and the tips for life they gained from it.  Cecil covers career, marriage, financial, personal integrity, and spiritual principles.  I highly recommend it for young and old alike. Richard Taylor, IT Professional

A must read for anyone seeking direction in their personal, financial or spiritual lives!  Michael Forster, Financial Services Business Owner

Very insightful, I am bringing this book to my mens' group and suggesting we do a quick study of it. Well worth the read. Dave Gillihan, Financial Services Executive, Portland, Oregon  

I was so impressed with this book that I purchased several and shared it with my closest friends. This is a must-read book. The story format puts the 7 Laws in a context that you can easily and quickly grasp their essence. This book changed my approach on life in how I look at it and live it.  Jim Bozeman, Business Leader

I have enjoyed reading Cecil Kemp's book "7 Laws of True Prosperity", as well as having Mr. Kemp lead our leadership and management team in a four session group study of the book. It was exceptionally transformative in terms of helping our nationwide team members understand how to work better together and how to better relate and lead and manage their respective teammates. Success truly is well-defined and taught by this wise man!  L.H. (Mike) Hardwick, Owner, Churchill Mortgage