Follow The Leader (Timeless Truths of Genuinely DifferenceMaking Leadership)


Follow The Leader (Timeless Truths of Genuinely DifferenceMaking Leadership)


Truly unique.  Refreshingly different.

Journey with internationally known, highly successful businessman and award winning author Cecil O. Kemp Jr., as step by step he unveils the timeless truths to being a genuinely difference-making leader…in your family, career, business and all life dimensions.  

His 27th book does not present leadership theories nor merely principles.  Instead, Follow The Leader is based on real world experiences of those who have achieved extraordinary results by applying the state-of-the-art leadership model that Cecil highlights.  His own experiences pinpoint key leadership precepts he discovered through personal successes…and some painful and expensive failures.  Others’ experiences are shared to demonstrate truths that have had significant influence on his leadership views.  Profound leadership wisdom is embedded within his and the stories of  both lesser known and highly recognizable individuals. 

Cecil encourages us that regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or environment, we each are capable of achieving true leadership greatness.  How?  By following history’s greatest leader and his leadership model.  Cecil shares a comprehensive look into that leader’s model and its superiority to popular but obsolete leadership paradigms.  Along the way, he dispels common leadership myths and the notion that leadership is either a science, skill or art.  Cecil believes it is all three and goes deep into each, as he shares a “for real” perspective on what makes a truly great leader great and how genuine leadership significance is achieved.

Poet Robert Frost said:  Two roads converged in the woods…and I, I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.  Are you ready to explore that better leadership path? To make the climb upward with Cecil?   Then, buckle up, here we go!  


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During my search for a business mentor, one of Cecil's longtime clients highly recommended him to me. Now I know why!  As we have worked together, Cecil has also become my trusted life coach.  His style is down-to-earth, warm and engaging.  As reflected in Follow The Leader, his life, leadership and business skill set and knowledge are broad and deep.  Cecil's counsel is profound, practical and highly effective in real world living, leading and working.  No theories.  His gentle and humble guidance is based on decades of experience.  Cecil's approach to life, leadership and business is truly unique…genuinely difference-making.  — Trudy Paolo, Owner, Retail Business, Portland, OR

I have really enjoyed Cecil’s book Follow The Leader, as well as having him mentor and coach our top and middle leadership and management teams on its contents.  His efforts have been exceptionally transformative…helping them discover and apply the secrets of genuinely difference-making leadership. We have experienced similar results from Cecil’s 1 to 1 and group life and leadership coaching and mentoring of many of our other associates nationwide.  Leadership excellence truly is well-defined and taught in this exceptional book by this wise, special and difference-making man!  I refer to him and his approach to leadership and his coaching and mentoring expertise frequently in my book titled: Keep Chopping Wood.  — L.H. (Mike) Hardwick, Owner, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN

Cecil’s decades of running businesses means he can identify with my role as a business executive.  His writings and his mentoring have been incredible resources in my journey to improving my leadership skills. The insight and wisdom he dispenses as writer and coaching have made a difference in my life and as a result, has affected positive changes in our company.   — Denis Rowe, Business Executive, Franklin, TN

Cecil was a featured speaker at our annual leader and manager conference.  His presentation on the Secrets to Achieving True Leadership Greatness drew rave reviews.  — Tommy Doolittle, HR Director, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance, Jackson, MS

Cecil stands far apart from a leadership coach and mentor.  In Follow The Leader,  he shares vital information for those desiring to achieve true leadership greatness. — Bishop and Pastor Jerome Dukes, Atlanta, GA

God has especially gifted Cecil with the ability to share his real world life and leadership experiences and know-how with business people in a way that challenges and inspires them to move to the next level in their personal and professional lives.  — Jimmy Rogers, Business Owner, Atlanta, GA

Cecil’s personal, financial, leadership and business coaching advice have helped me (and work peers and owners of businesses I have worked with) more than I will be able to express in a few sentences.  He possesses vast professional, business and leadership experience and knowledge and uses all of them to serve others.  His advice continues to challenge me, years after it was initially shared.  — Doug Boals, Small Business Leader, Knoxville, TN

In Follow The Leader, Cecil shares the details of the model of leadership that has made a significant difference in how I think and approach my family and business daily.  Cecil has helped me, and many people I know, transform my life and leadership style via his mentoring and coaching that is based on his experiences…successes and failures that taught him how “real transformation” in life is truly possible.  — Jason Dickson, Texas Regional Manager, Financial Services Corporation, Dallas, TX

Cecil serves as the Board Chairman of the charitable organization my husband and I founded in the early 90s.  I have personally observed him practice the leadership model that he writes about in Follow The Leader.  I have grown tremendously as a leader through observing his example and via his mentoring and coaching me as a leader.  — Brenda Bryant, Executive Director, Life of Victory Ministries, Greater Nashville, TN

Follow The Leader is the quintessential book on how to practice what Cecil refers to as the state-of-the-art leadership model…in the workplace and at home.  I have it from cover to cover twice and have adopted it as my “go to” manual on leadership.  Besides his writings, Cecil has made a huge positive impact on me during the past several years through his 1 to 1 coaching/mentoring with me.  — Dave Gillihan, Branch Manager of Financial Services Company, Portland, OR

I love how in Follow The Leader Cecil shares the state-of-the-art model of leadership.  He has greatly impacted me through his leadership mentoring and coaching based on the content of this profound book.  — Kathy Cook, Team Leader in Business, Nashville, TN

Cecil has been instrumental in helping me better understand what a true leader is and incorporate those qualities into my character and life.  — Jim Bozeman, Business Executive, Nashville, TN

Cecil’s writings have changed my life. In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Cecil one to one. What a man of great insight! He always seems to timely speak the wisdom I need in the moment. His mentoring and coaching is one of the best investments I have ever made.  — Bill Igou, Business Owner, Arkansas

If there ever was a time for what Cecil shares on leadership, it’s now.  Anyone who applies his writings on this topic will be well on their way to achieving true leadership greatness.  — L.H. Hardwick Jr.,  Founder and Pastor Emeritus, Christ Church Nashville, TN

I have a deep sense of genuine appreciation for what Cecil shares through his teaching, writings and speaking.  All are relevant and heart-changing.  Without reservation, I endorse the man and his message.  — Greg Spence, Basketball Coach,  Decaturville, TN

Through his coaching/mentoring and writings, Cecil has made a big difference in my leadership style.  — Scott DeNicholas, IT Professional, Nashville, TN

It has been an exceptional experience having Cecil facilitate our journey through the content of Follow The Leader.  This profound book and wise man have deeply impacted me…and our leaders and managers across the nation.   It is a leadership perspective changing book from an individual who over the past four decades has achieved substantial success and significance as an owner and leader in multiple industries.   — Matt Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN