Wisdom Honor & Hope (The Inner Path to True Greatness)


Wisdom Honor & Hope (The Inner Path to True Greatness)


Wisdom Honor & Hope is a Pinnacle Award winner...best book in category.

Unfulfilled by intellectual, career and financial accomplishments, millions search for greater life meaning, longing for real security and peace. In the quest, they search for the wisest path of life.

Cecil illuminates that path---he calls it The Inner Path to True Greatness.

This book defines Success in the new millennium. Centered on the Wisdom of the Ages with a theme that nothing compares to the promise of life lived in partnership with God...this book is a comprehensive guide to a life of true significance and lasting success. It entertains and instructs, using Kemp's humor and good and bad personal experiences and quotes from some of history's truly great people...to offer spiritual, relationship, family, leadership and on-the-job guidance.

Cecil's powerful message of hope is that with three precious inner stones within the heart of your soul...Divinely-given Wisdom, Honor and Hope...you see through the eternal scope of a spiritually wise heart that is the key ingredient to achieving true greatness.


Book Details

  • Publication Year

    • 2000


  • Author

    • Cecil O. Kemp Jr.


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Anyone who applies the life principles that Cecil shares in Wisdom Honor & Hope will be well on their way to a successful and blessed journey of life.  L.H.Hardwick Jr., Founding Pastor and Pastor Emeritus of Christ Church, Nashville, TN, one of the largest and most successful churches in the world. 

Wisdom Honor & Hope (The Inner Path to True Greatness) is one of the most inspiring and wise books I have ever read. Debra Maffett, former Miss America and a nationally known TV Talk Show Host. 

Wisdom Honor & Hope is about real and lasting success! Dr. Robert Hill, PhD, Oxford University, former Editor of Moody Magazine and writer and editor of over 40 books.