What Do People Say About Cecil?

7 Laws of True Prosperity is one of the best books regarding work, prosperity, and wisdom of life’s journey that I have read outside of the Bible. I can recommend this book to anyone who desires to see prosperity in a different light.
— Claude E. Blankenship, Blankenship CPA Group.
I’m astounded by the accuracy and tenderness with which he speaks truth, correction, and direction for your life.
— Jeff Wilkinson
Cecil…shares a thinking person’s message that speaks right to questions and provides answers that stand the test of times…now and eternally. I unreservedly recommend Cecil to you.
— Dave Ramsey, America’s Trusted Voice on Money
Cecil stands far apart as a life coach, speaker and deliverer of vital life and leadership information.
— Bishop and Pastor Jerome Dukes, Atlanta
God has especially gifted Cecil with the ability to share his real world business, financial and personal experiences and know-how with business people in a way that challenges and inspires them to move to the next level in their personal and professional lives.
— JR, Business Owner, Atlanta, GA
I came to know Cecil Kemp in May of 2009. I was burned out and felt that I needed some type of tip or gimmick or angle to find the kind of professional life I was “promised” would be mine…from years of sacrifice and hard work. In a year spent with Cecil, I gained abundantly more than professional vision, but personal transformation: relationally, financially and most importantly spiritually. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The time I spent with him is an investment which has been multiplied many times over. Cecil is an exceedingly humble and wise man greatly used for the benefit of others.
— RB, Physician, Nashville, TN
In my opinion, the perfect mentor is one who will ask the difficult questions, challenge your assertions and provide a pathway for growth. That’s what I found in Cecil Kemp.
— John Lann, Tampa, FL
Thank you for walking our management team through your book “7 Laws of True Prosperity”. It was an exceptional experience having you facilitate our journey through the many valuable lessons woven into the story. The book was a joy to read and I look forward to sharing with many others. Our team at Churchill was so grateful for the experience and I’m sure deeply impacted. And thanks for the copy of your book, The Messenger. It is a life-changing book.
— Matt Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN
Cecil’s personal, financial and business coaching advice have helped me (and work peers and owners of businesses I have worked with) more than I will be able to express in a few sentences. Genuine concern, vast professional and business experience and deep spiritual knowledge best define him. His advice continues to challenge me, years after it was initially shared.
— DB, Small Business Leader
Cecil has been instrumental in helping me better understand what a true leader is and incorporate those qualities into my character and life.
— JM Bozeman, Nashville, TN
Working with Cecil has been an answered prayer. His insights, encouragement and mentoring have made a difference not only in my job, but in my role as a husband and father, for which I am truly thankful.
— Mason Whitehead
He has made a big difference in my leadership style and helped guide me to a more spiritual life both professionally and personally.
— Scott DeNicholas, Nashville, TN