What People Are Saying About Cecil and Patty...

Cecil and Patty share a thinking person’s message that speaks right to questions and provides answers that stand the test of times…now and eternally. I unreservedly recommend them to you.
— Dave Ramsey - America’s Trusted Voice on Money
I came to know Cecil Kemp in May of 2009. I was burned out and felt that I needed some type of tip or gimmick or angle to find the kind of professional life I was “promised” would be mine…from years of sacrifice and hard work. In a year spent with Cecil, I gained abundantly more than professional vision, but personal transformation: relationally, financially and most importantly spiritually. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The time I spent with him is an investment which has been multiplied many times over. Cecil is an exceedingly humble and wise man greatly used for the benefit of others.
— RB - Physician, Nashville, TN
I have enjoyed reading Cecil Kemp’s book “7 Laws of True Prosperity”, as well as having Mr. Kemp lead our leadership and management team in a four session group study of the book. His coaching and mentoring was exceptionally transformative in terms of helping those members of our team understand how to work better together and how to better relate and lead and manage their respective teammates. We have experienced similar results from Cecil’s 1 to 1 and group life and leadership coaching and mentoring of many of our other associates nationwide. Success truly is well-defined and taught by this wise, special and difference-making man!
— L.H. (Mike) Hardwick - Owner, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN
Cecil’s business and life experiences and skills are exceptional. I encourage business professionals who truly want to maximize their potential to hire Cecil. I encourage businesses that need a solid, sustainable foundation via an improved business plan, clearer direction or improved leadership to hire Cecil. Be warned that while he gently communicates what you need to hear, often it is not what you want to hear! His advice is always spot on. If you are ready and willing to grow, hire Cecil.
— Doug Boals, VP of Sales and Marketing, Renewal by Andersen, Knoxville, TN
I’m astounded by the accuracy and tenderness with which Cecil lovingly speaks encouragement, inspiration, truth, insight, correction, wisdom and direction during his 1 to 1 life and leadership coaching and mentoring sessions with me. He doesn’t use predictive or cold clinical analysis, but rather out of his own proven life and leadership experiences, he provides relevant and timely guidance that is Biblically-based.
— Jeff Wilkinson, IT Leader, Dallas, TX
Cecil and Patty stand far apart from others...as life coaches and mentors, speakers and deliverers of vital life and leadership information. They are truly special difference-makers.
— Bishop and Pastor Jerome Dukes, Atlanta, GA
Patty and Cecil are very special, truly difference-making leaders, mentors and coaches who possess vast godly wisdom and spiritual discernment. They were very instrumental in helping me get through one of the most difficult times in my life.
— Teresa, Health Care Professional
Sixteen years ago, God greatly blessed my husband Tom and me when He connected us to Patty and Cecil and their powerful marketplace ministry. The Kemps are gifted and anointed coaches/mentors, authors, speakers, teachers and prayer intercessors. By personal example, they live out the true meaning of Christian character.
— Ann and Tom Nicholson - Trinity Sessions Ministries, Cleveland, TN
God has especially gifted Cecil with the ability to share his real world business, financial and personal experiences and know-how with business people in a way that challenges and inspires them to move to the next level in their personal and professional lives.
— JR - Business Owner, Atlanta, GA
In my opinion, the perfect mentor is one who will ask the difficult questions, challenge your assertions and provide a pathway for growth. That’s what I found in Cecil Kemp.
— John Lann - Financial Services Branch Operations Manager, Tampa, FL
It was exceptional having you facilitate our journey through through “7 Laws of True Prosperity.” The book was a joy to read, our team was deeply impacted by it and your coaching and mentoring, and we were all grateful for the experience. I’d also like to thank you for sending a copy of “The Messenger;” it is a life-changing book.
— Matt Clarke - Chief Operating Officer, Churchill Mortgage, Brentwood, TN
I have known Patty and Cecil for about 10 years. During that time, I have attended a number of meetings where Patty spoke and ministered. Each time, God used her mightily to exhort and encourage me and all those in attendance. She is a lover of people, a visionary and deep thinker able to communicate exceedingly well to others.
— Judeth Boen, Chaplain, California
Cecil’s personal, financial and business coaching advice have helped me (and work peers and owners of businesses I have worked with) more than I will be able to express in a few sentences. Genuine concern, vast professional and business experience and deep spiritual knowledge best define him. His advice continues to challenge me, years after it was initially shared.
— DB - Small Business Leader, Knoxville, TN
Cecil has been instrumental in helping me better understand what a true leader is and incorporate those qualities into my character and life.
— JM Bozeman - Business Executive, Nashville, TN
About 8 years ago, I was privileged to meet Patty at a women’s conference where she was a speaker. As I listened to her speak to the group, I was blown away by her fiery enthusiasm for and ability to powerfully bring to life God’s Word. Since, I have been a grateful beneficiary of her challenging and encouraging teaching. I have come to truly appreciate her love and commitment to her Lord. She is warm, sweet, friendly and most importantly, positively contagious with an incredible ability to motivate you to want what she has in God and clearly share how to have it!
— Pastor Joan Joseph, California
Cecil’s book 7 Laws of True Prosperity changed my life. I fully believe it is anointed by God for those of us alive today. I reread it each year. In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Cecil one to one. What a man of great insight! He always seems to timely speak the wisdom I need in the moment. His mentoring and coaching is one of the best investments I have ever made.
— Bill Igou, Business Owner, Arkansas
Cecil is a highly skilled businessman, negotiator and marketer who understands that a good product, great people and hard work make up the formula for success. Cecil did a great job leading us and our Carescope software brand to an enterprise level. He was instrumental in helping us secure more resources and internal support by championing the brand’s potential and helping increase sales. His leadership and negotiating skills helped us close several large sales. Cecil’s mentoring skills helped develop several staff members and he provided a great example of how to balance both your personal and business lives. While Cecil is a great businessman, he is an even better person who truly cares about the people behind the product. I would highly recommend him in any business setting.
— Andrew Frederickson, Senior IT Product Manager, Atlanta, GA
Working with Cecil has been an answered prayer. His insights, encouragement and mentoring have made a difference not only in my job, but in my role as a husband and father, for which I am truly thankful.
— Mason Whitehead - Financial Professional, Dallas, TX
Cecil has made a big difference in my leadership style and helped guide me to a more spiritual life both professionally and personally.
— Scott DeNicholas - IT Professional, Nashville, TN
Cecil has been an exceptional mentor, true friend and wonderful brother in Christ who has walked beside and guided me through some of the most difficult trials of my life.
— John Roye, IT Professional, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX
7 Laws of True Prosperity is one of the best books regarding work, prosperity, and wisdom of life’s journey that I have read outside of the Bible. I can recommend this book to anyone who desires to see prosperity in a different light.
— Claude E. Blankenship - Blankenship CPA Group